How to take a Full-Size Screenshot in Chrome

I wrote and published this on an internal wiki earlier this year.

There are times when you need to show an entire page in a screenshot. Instead of capturing the page section by section and pasting each together, you can use a feature in the desktop version of the Google Chrome browser.

  1. In Chrome, load the page you want to screenshot.
  2. Open the developer tools: either right-click somewhere on the page and choose Inspect, or use the Cmd-Option-I (Mac) / Ctrl-Shift-I (PC) keyboard shortcut.
  3. If you don’t already have the device toolbar active, toggle it with Cmd-Shift-M (Mac) / Ctrl-Shift-M (PC). Then the viewport section of the browser window (i.e., the web page part) will add a toolbar across the top. device toolbar toggle
  4. Open the toolbar menu. open the device toolbar menu
  5. You can adjust the dimension settings up to 9999. This can be necessary to capture very long pages, or if you have previously adjusted them to a height or width that would cut off your current page. adjust the dimensions
  6. Click the kebab menu on the right of the device toolbar and select Capture full size screenshot. capture a full-size screenshot
  7. Chrome will process the screenshot and save it to the folder you’ve designated for downloads.

What you end up with is something like this screenshot from elsewhere on my writing site.

sample page