The Takeaways: Weeks 51 and 52 of 2021

A final few for 2021: SAFe, how some people react to the idea of dogfooding, demographic trends in crypto adoption, and other observations.


Melissa Perri (host), Product Thinking. Episode 46: Dissecting the Pluses and Pitfalls of SAFe with Eric Willeke (December 15, 2021)


Joshua Bote, SFGate. San Francisco-based DoorDash is requiring engineers to deliver food — and they’re furious (December 27, 2021)

While some people replied to the original post to say it would be a helpful opportunity to develop empathy and learn about the myriad frustrations of delivery workers, others sided with the original [vehemently critical] poster.

"Finurah Contributor," Yahoo! News. African-Americans Outpace Whites and Hispanics In Cryptocurrency Investments, Is a New Avenue to Black Wealth-Building Opening? (October 26, 2021)

A recent Harris poll found that 23 percent of African-Americans own cryptocurrency, compared to 11 percent of white Americans and 17 percent for Hispanics.

On the one hand, African Americans and other minorities have been early adopters of earlier waves of digital technology, such as social media generally and Twitter especially. From that perspective, this is not a surprising finding. Then again, to quote @MekkaOkereke: "while we are "waiting and seeing," a significant (high single digits) percentage of the total net worth of all Black US citizens, is pouring into NFTs."

John Salvatier. Reality has a surprising amount of detail (May 13, 2017)

Before you’ve noticed important details they are, of course, basically invisible. It’s hard to put your attention on them because you don’t even know what you’re looking for. But after you see them they quickly become so integrated into your intuitive models of the world that they become essentially transparent. Do you remember the insights that were crucial in learning to ride a bike or drive? How about the details and insights you have that led you to be good at the things you’re good at?

This means it’s really easy to get stuck. Stuck in your current way of seeing and thinking about things. Frames are made out of the details that seem important to you. The important details you haven’t noticed are invisible to you, and the details you have noticed seem completely obvious and you see right through them. This all makes makes it difficult to imagine how you could be missing something important.

Theresa Vargas, The Washington Post. A late music producer’s grandsons found a ‘treasure’ of lost songs in his D.C. basement (December 25, 2021)

On Tuesday [December 21, 2021], nearly five decades after it was recorded, “Joy” was finally released. (Here’s where it can be found: How it went from lost to shared in time for Christmas is a story about music, history and family. It’s about a disappearing generation and a new one finishing what was started.

It’s about a really cool find.